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Linked – Why men are struggling with work-related mental health problems

This is a pretty sad reality, but I know from working in what is a competitive industry, law, that asking for help would probably be seen by many as a sign of weakness.

Worryingly, the survey revealed that many men find themselves unable to speak to their bosses about the impact that work is having on their wellbeing. What’s even more concerning is that they are then not asking to take time off sick when they need it.

This suggests that although men are more likely to have mental health problems because of their job, they are not opening up and seeking support from their employers.

But, this also means that employers are not getting the best of their employees. Whether they are women or men, or whether the problems are related to work or other problems, we know that untreated depression, anxiety, etc. is going to prevent employees from being productive. In a competitive labor market, isn’t it better to help those folks than it is to try and find new employees?

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