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Linked – Wait, No Go. Wait, No Go. Striking The Balance On When To Incur Costs For eDiscovery.

If you work with eDiscovery, you’ve been here:

You know what I’m talking about — where the client wants to wait and wait and wait on engaging in discovery until the last possible minute to avoid unnecessary costs, requiring everyone to run around crazy for days on end when the client realizes that deadlines are imminent. Theoretically, that makes sense. No one wants or needs to spend money that is just wasted effort. Practically, it means decisions are rushed, more manpower and hours are spent than would happen in a more controlled situation, and the potential for mistakes rises exponentially.

But, as Kelly goes on to point out, that’s no excuse not to have a detailed plan ready to go when the time comes. These situations don’t need to be as crazy as they often are, it just requires a team of people who know exactly what to do and when to do it. Not knowing the answers to simple questions like “How will that data get collected” is just silly.


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