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Linked – AA Banning Certain Smart Bags as Checked Luggage

I hope you haven’t spent a lot on buying smart luggage thinking you could track it electronically as you travel. Turns out, they have batteries, like the batteries that aren’t currently allowed in a checked bag.

On the brink of the gift-giving season when “smart luggage” might be high on some travelers’ wish lists, we’re learning of the first announcement of a ban on “smart bags.” Effective January 15, 2018, American Airlines is banning all smart bags that don’t have a removeable battery from all flights — both as checked and carry-on luggage.

There has been a lot of talk about the dangers of laptop and camera batteries on airplanes, so it really only makes sense that a suitcase with an actual battery in it, is going to present a problem.

I do think eventually there are going to be a lot less electronics that you can bring on board with you, and it’s going to massively change business travel when as it changes.

American Airlines Banning Certain “Smart Bags” as Checked Luggage

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