eDiscovery Day is Coming

We sent a version of this to our attorneys at work too. 😉 

Thanksgiving has passed, and while we know there are plenty of other holidays to look forward to in December, we don’t want you to overlook a very important day right at the start of the month.

Dec. 1st is eDiscovery Day!


Unlike some of the other events in December, eDiscovery Day does not require any shopping or gift-giving on your part. (However, kind words to all the people who help you deal with eDiscovery problems are always appreciated.)

Some “gifts” we wanted to make you aware of, though, come in the form of educational webinars and events from the founders of eDiscovery Day, Exterro and their various sponsors.

eDiscovery Day is, in fact, a fantastic opportunity to hear from some of the brightest minds and thought leaders in the industry. The official list of webcasts (available at – https://www.e-discoveryday.com/webcasts/) include speakers like Federal Judges Hon. David Waxse, Hon. Andrew Peck, Hon. John Facciola, and Hon. Michelle Childs, as well as industry experts like Craig Ball, Ralph Losey, George Socha, Gayle and Tom O’Connor, and many others!

Personally, we’ve heard many of these folks speak before, you will not be disappointed!

They’ll be covering such topics as dealing with Social Media evidence, how the GDPR will impact eDiscovery from the EU, recent case law, Cybersecurity, and new technology that is changing the way the legal industry handles discovery.

Even if you can’t attend at the actual time of the webcasts, like me, many of the recordings will also be available to view at your convenience if you register, but you’ll miss out on the chance to interact with the speakers live on that day!

In short, if you want to learn more about eDiscovery, there is simply no better day to do that than Friday, Dec. 1, at least until eDiscovery Day 2018.


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