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Linked – Work email ban after hours in New York City may become law

The article makes this sound like a bad idea.

“Legislation in New York City would make it illegal for employees to access work-related email outside their regular work schedules.”

Actually, I agree with the article, because it is too broad and is just a knee-jerk reaction to what is actually a very large problem.

But it is a problem, and as long as businesses struggle to figure out how to actually let their employees disconnect there will always be a temptation to legislate a solution, when we maybe should just actually let the market work it’s magic.

What we are lacking is not a law, but a marketplace for labor that provides people different options for how “connected” they want to be to their jobs, and makes it easy to switch jobs when it no longer fits their lifestyle, or the ability to negotiate those expectations without fear of being replaced by someone willing to never question any of it. It’s that flexibility that is missing from the current labor market, unless you want to work for yourself, which is not something a lot of people can easily do.


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