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We are the Distribution

From Seth Godin’s podcast recently

“Going forward, I think we have to realize that the distributor is us. That the distributor, the person who is going to spread the idea, is as responsible for that as the network executive was, the bookstore owner was. That the ideas that we share are the ideas that spread and the ideas that spread are the ideas that win. So when we choose to spread an idea that is corrosive, that tears things down, that takes us away from thoughtful interaction, I think we have to accept the responsibility that we are the distribution now, and we need to own the outcome that comes with that.”

So instead of bemoaning how Twitter, Facebook, Instagram is “bad” for us, take responsibility for what you choose to share. Share things that build people up, spread ideas that are helpful, spread hope, and have “thoughtful interactions” on social media instead of being part of the outrage machine. If we keep spreading outrage and hate, that’s what wins.

Right now, I think too many bad ideas are winning, and that is our fault. When you have an account, you decide what ideas to distribute to the people who follow you. You’re responsible for how those ideas impact them, and how they in turn keep spreading the ideas that you shared to them.

If only we could get people to understand their responsibility on social media. That we are making conscious decisions about what ideas get spread around, and who sees them, and that we are also responsible for how we treat others when we share those ideas.

Oh and go subscribe to Seth’s podcast. He’s spreading good, thoughtful ideas. We need more of that.

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