Linked: ‘Wellbeing’ is not a PR stunt

Hmm, this seems a bit too familiar. Doesn’t it?

Dave’s organisation has a wellbeing policy. They are on it. They have Mental Health Champions, an Employee Assistance Programme and a whole section on the intranet about ‘sleep hygiene’, healthy eating, the office choir and cycling to work.

But is it all just window dressing? Are we just papering over the cracks?

That same organisation wants Dave to do the job that 4 people used to do. He is forced to work the most anti-social shift pattern and be “Agile”, working in different locations and on his own most of the time. Not to worry though. He’s had that half hour workshop on ‘Managing Stress in the Workplace’, so if he can’t cope, we’ve done our bit!

Let me ask you a question. What does an organization that does more than pay lip service to employee mental health look like to you? Clearly, it’s more than the occasional yoga class, or emails about sleep habits, and it can’t be just checking off things from a list. But what is it, exactly? I think we are having a hard time figuring that out.


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