Linked: How to Lead, Drive Engagement and Create Culture for Remote Workers

This is a really good guide for anyone thinking about, or finding themselves, running a remote team. From my own experience working remotely I think there are two that especially and out to me as things that you absolutely have to do.

  • 1. Err on the side of over-communicating.
  • 2. Set Explicit Expectations

See, there’s one big thing we tend to forget when working in an office. There’s a lot of stuff that just sort of gets absorbed without anyone in management having to say it. Sometimes you find things out around the watercooler, sometimes you learn about expectations by watching how other team members manage their time and work, and sometimes news about your team, and other teams, just becomes obvious because we’re in the middle of it.

When someone is remote, none of that happens. So you need to make sure these things are shared, and said. Sometimes repeatedly. I’ve always shared with people I work with that I’d rather hear something 3 times than have everyone assume I know and not tell me. That goes for helpful information, expectations, and anything else. Remote work brings both the company and the worker a lot of benefits, but it’s important to remember that there’s no watercooler where things get picked up. You have to go out of your way to share it

So talk.

How to Lead, Drive Engagement and Create Culture for Remote Workers

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