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Linked: Workplace suicides have risen to record high

I can imagine this would be a difficult situation for any workplace to deal with. It’s difficult anywhere.

“Buried in a report last month by the Bureau of Labor of Statistics on occupational fatalities was this tragic fact: More people are killing themselves in the workplace than ever before. The number of such suicides for 2018 was 304 — an 11 percent increase from the year before and the highest number since the bureau began tracking the data 26 years ago.

Companies are struggling with how to respond.”

I’m sure it would help if we had a workplace where mental health issues were already a part of the workplace conversation, where instead of something absolutely tragic pushed the mental health of employees to the forefront, it was already there. Where employers recognized that the world where work takes place at work, and personal issues take place at home, has never really existed, and isn’t even close to the lives we live now.

Maybe, if we had a place where we could openly admit we were struggling, and could get help, this number would be a bit smaller too. Don’t wait for a tragedy to happen in your workplace to start noticing the people you work with, and being available for them.

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