Linked: Cybersecurity Considerations for an Increasingly Remote Workforce

First off, Jessica quoting the Art of War is great, but more importantly, this is a time when everyone is making massive adjustments to change. That makes it easy to forget that there are still hackers out there looking to take advantage.

“As famously stated in Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” That statement perfectly describes the cybercrime and ransomware community’s response to this pandemic. Emails promising vital information about keeping safe from coronavirus or links to maps of the infection rate instead push malware, steal passwords, or spread disinformation from hackers working for nation-states.”

On the other hand, also understand that many of your employees are balancing work with other, more important considerations. They are dealing with their kids at home all day, health concerns, possibly even losing friends and family members. It’s nice to think that they’ll pay more attention if you just remind them about it, but the truth of the matter is, no one is 100% focused during their workday right now, and as a manager you need to get this!

No one is simply working remotely as if nothing else is going on. Heck, I don’t have kids and worked from home before all of this, and I’m not always focused nor as productive as I can be. There is, simply, a lot to deal with that has nothing to do with work. That means there are tremendous opportunities to get someone paying a little less attention than usual, or someone already dealing with a bunch of different technology they aren’t familiar with, who’s open to a little “suggestion” from your favorite overseas hacking group.

So yes, do everything Jessica suggests, including being prepared for any number of your users to simply not be paying attention when clicking on things, so have that protection in place as well.

Cybersecurity Considerations for an Increasingly Remote Workforce

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