Linked: Section 230 Story: Coping with the “New Normal”

In all the talk about eliminating Section 230, I think this gets lost, and I’m glad Jessi is writing about.

“Our reliance on the Internet, especially during the pandemic, is evidence that Section 230 continues to work as intended, despite its age. To set an expiration on the law is to accept that maybe we’ve exhausted the Internet’s potential. Considering how far we’ve come since 1996, I doubt that. Why Congress wants to foreclose on this opportunity for growth is truly beyond me.”

Read the whole thing below. Jessi shares stories of having to help friends grieve the loss of a loved on to COVID-19 through video conferencing, while acknowledging that it’s rules like Section 230 that even make that possible.

Imagine if Zoom was responsible for policing all of the meetings and conversations that take place over it’s network? Imagine if my web host was responsible for everything I posted to this blog? How different would the internet look without that?

Yes, I’m willing to acknowledge that tools that allow anyone to communicate and share information are, and will always be, used by a not insignificant number of jerks. But what would the world in 2020 look like if we didn’t have these tools to communicate with everyone?

That’s not something I want politicians to play with. They know not what they do.


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