Linked: Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Post Anything to Social Media

Stefanie’s list of questions is a good place to start for really anyone.

“Who – who specifically does it help?
What – what problem does it solve?
When – do you know the right time to post it on social for maximum reach?
Where – are you posting it on the right channels where your clients, prospects and other key audiences are?
Why – why should your audience care about it?
How – how will it improve their life or business?”

The middle two are definitely directed at anyone using social media as a marketing tool, even for your own personal brand or blog, but the other 4 should go for everyone.

If you’re going to post, think about who it’s for, and what you’re trying to share with them. And, if you can’t come up with how it brings any value to the people reading it, maybe don’t?

Seems simple enough, right? Then why do we get it so wrong so often?


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