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Linked: A Few Social Media Suggestions for 2021

You may not be surprised by this, but I totally agree with Stefanie on this one:

“Don’t use social media less in 2021. Use it more, but use it more intentionally.”

She then goes on with a longer list of things to consider, most of which I also agree with. We can hate social media algorithms all we want, but the truth is they are simply responding to our own behavior. If Twitter seems ugly and mean to you, quit following ugly and mean people. Find better people to follow. Interact with them, offer up not only your knowledge and expertise, but share other good ideas you find online as well.

Have a plan, and follow it. The issue with social media isn’t the tool itself, it’s the fact that we too often use it without intention, and with emotion, which just drags us further and further into the muck.

The muck is no place to get any value. Make a decision to get out of the muck, and find the spot on social media where you are part of a community helping to share ideas and educate others. That’s the value prop for social media, and it’s there. You just have to work a little to find it.

A Few Social Media Suggestions for 2021

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