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Linked: Male bosses regard employee depression more negatively

On the one hand, I’m glad we’ve reached the point where at least it’s the minority who will admit to viewing employees with mental health issues negatively, but clearly, men, we have an issue.

“The team discovered that male managers are significantly more likely to view depression negatively than female managers.

While the majority of the managers who participated in the study expressed support for employees dealing with depression, 25% of male managers expressed negative attitudes toward the condition, compared with 12% of females.”

Let me give you a hint male managers. The ladies are simply better than you when it comes to caring about employees, and viewing them as human beings. I suspect that  many of the men, and the smaller percentage of women, when asked, would never actually admit that employees are nothing more than a means to an end, but the true answer comes in how you treat people, and this doesn’t make for a good look. At the same time, are you surprised that male managers are more likely to feel this way about someone with depression? For many of us men above a certain age, we’ve spent most of our life being told to “man up”, and get over it. Is it any wonder then, that some of those same men would view someone else dealing with depression with little compassion?

Isn’t it just possible that all those years of telling men to get over it, and quit complaining about their depression, has long-reaching effects across all of society, effects that can bite us all back when those same men are in a position of power? Maybe we want to think about coming up with a better way to help men of all ages deal with depression, so that they don’t grow up to have zero compassion for those who aren’t able to just “man up”?

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