Zoom Call

Linked: Dutch MPs in video conference with deep fake imitation of Navalny’s Chief of Staff

This is pretty scary:

“It concerns the parliamentary standing committee on foreign affairs, which thought it was talking to Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s chief of staff, who has been operating from Vilnius since last year due to increased repression in Russia. But it was a moving image created by artificial intelligence. “

As I think about this, it occurs to me that a lot of the things that we think would give away deep fake videos are things that happen all the time in Zoom or Teams calls, right? The video being a little slow, or jerky, or not keeping up fluidly with the movement of people on screen, etc. So it could be harder to tell that the “person” on the call with you isn’t really who you think it is, and then we can begin to wonder who it was, and what information they got from being there, pretending to be someone else.

Are we ready for that?


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