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Linked: The Future of Remote Workplaces: 3 Things You Must Have for Better Employee Mental Health

The three things you need are all related to this idea, that you had better start caring about the wellbeing of your employees. This is the future:

“The future of work is one that no longer glorifies long hours and a business-first mentality. Organizations increasingly recognize that employee well-being and mental health comes before all else. Leadership everywhere can uncover new ways to support employees in remote work, and can begin by ensuring open communication, limiting unproductive meetings, and making new employees comfortable and part of the team from the get-go.”

Look, I will 100% agree with the tips in the article, those three things are the base upon which everything your team does will grow. Get them wrong, and you won’t have much of a team left. But, don’t do them just because you want to run a team. You can say you want open communication, but that requires you to care about what they have to say, including things that are hard. It means caring about how decisions made by the organization are affecting their mental health, their work-life balance, and their home lives.

Too many people in management have not cared about that stuff for too long. Thankfully that is changing. It’s been a long time coming.


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