Mental Health Matters

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The linked article below is targeted at UK managers, but the challenge laid out here is one that is common across other countries as well.

“In most organisations, the line manager is in the best place to be the first person to pick up if an employee is having problems with their mental health. They are the person who has the clearest view of their work, demeanour, and appearance. They are most likely to spot when things start to go awry.


However, this is often easier said than done. It can be difficult and awkward to start a conversation specifically about mental health, so we’ve created this guide to give line managers a helping hand to start the conversation and know where to turn to if they need more help and support.”

As a manager, you are in the best position to notice, and help directs when they are struggling with mental health. Unfortunately, I’m also betting that any business management, or leadership, classes you’ve taken never mentioned mental health, let alone taught you much about it.

I get it, you’re being asked to do something you’ve not really been trained for, but leadership in 2021 includes looking out for the mental health of the people you wish to lead. So, be open to learning new things, including some of the information in this article. It might make a huge difference.

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