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Linked – How to Improve Communication with Your Small Law Firm Team

This was written about law firms, but I think this kind of applies to any team.

“Poor communication within a small law firm can send the message that partners and other firm leaders are too busy to listen to team members’ concerns or to give them important information they need to do their jobs. This can result in team members feeling marginalized, leading to a lack of engagement within the firm, poor performance, and poor client communication.”

Poor communication is usually the root of many problems in a law firm, and among teams. Things not asked for aren’t done. When everything is communicated as a top priority, nothing ends up being top priority. Not speaking, or writing, clearly leads to murky workflows and questionable results.

Most of all, when a manager doesn’t communicate with their directs, those employees will simply start trying to fill in the blanks themselves.

Has that ever worked out well for anyone?

Go learn some more about communicating.

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