I Did Not See That Coming – Nuix Purchases Ringtail

I know I used to work there, and you’d think I’d have some inside information, but clearly I don’t. I was just talking about Nuix at ILTACON a couple of weeks ago and telling people that I really thought they didn’t consider themselves an eDiscovery company anymore. They had zero presence at the conference, and nothing I’d seen from them in terms of public announcements indicated anything but a company going all-in on cybersecurity as their core business.

And then they go and buy Ringtail.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it a bad move, just somewhat of a shock.

In fact, I think it’s a great move because for years Nuix has had a great processing tool, but review tools that were quite honestly, lacking. To call their review tool a review platform would be stretching the term to quite an extreme. It really couldn’t compete with the full featured review platforms on the market, and as trainers, we heard that loud and clear at times.

Now, they go from that to having a real review platform in one day. That’s not a bad day.

From Ringtail’s perspective, you’ve got a platform now that will add the best processing/ingestion tool on the market, IMHO, to an already pretty decent review tool. It gives you a leg up, for now, on Relativity, on the processing side, while the latter continues to develop it’s processing engine. It provides some interesting technical collaboration possibilities going forward with Nuix, and gets you immediate connections with the large vendor/consulting market that already uses Nuix on a regular basis for their processing engine.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how the two come together and move forward. I’m sure I’ll be reaching out to some contacts to learn more myself!


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