I’m not sure why it’s news that employees after layoffs aren’t engaged, but it is.

At least Neowin seems to think it’s news, but the site does exist to track all things Microsoft so I can’t really blame them.

According to their sources though, Microsoft employees are increasingly looking to get out, but should we be surprised?

According to the Neowin article:

  • There will be 10,000 job cuts this Summer
  • There will be no raises
  • No bonuses will be paid this year
  • The employee survey was discontinued

And remember, this is at a company that is profitable, just not as profitable, and growing, as they were in 2020-21. Nothing says that they don’t really care about employee satisfaction as getting rid of a bunch of them, cutting pay and bonus, and then sending the message that you don’t want to hear from them.

This is true at Microsoft and it’s true at every other company that has made similar moves. I have no idea why anyone would think cutting jobs and forgoing raises would not have this kind of impact on employee morale, but I suspect there were a lot of C-Suite folks who did, or maybe they knew and just didn’t care.

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