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The Importance of Internal Networking

In his latest newsletter, Greg writes about internal networking. He provides some examples of someone who got passed up for a promotion because “no one knows who you are”, the reality that letting your work speak for itself is a surefire way to not get noticed, and has some advice for networking at your workplace.

It’s all good and you should read it. Over the years I’ve written many times about working IT Support, and how people will be nasty and yell at the voice on the phone when they are trying to work and being frustrated by technology. What they are much less likely to do is yell at the person who they chat with in the break room, or even in a Slack or Teams channel. Just knowing their name changes things.

Greg covers a lot of ground but there are two things I wanted to add.

  1. Remote workers need to be intentional about this, and remote teams need to be intentional on each other’s behalf about this. I’ve worked remotely for years. I love it and have no intention of doing anything else if I can help it. I had to learn, however, how to be intentional. I can do great work, but if I’m not intentionally showing it off every once in a while, it’s not going to get noticed. I also need to be sure and interact when given opportunities to. Drop into that Zoom call a few minutes early and chit-chat. Keep an eye out on those social channels where people are posting about music or sports, and make an effort to stay in touch with the folks you need to work with on a regular basis.
  2. Leaders, you should be taking every opportunity to provide opportunities for your people to promote themselves. When they aren’t in the room but someone is asking about something you know they could help with, offer to connect them to each other. Brag about the things your people do, inside and outside of work. Actively seek out opportunities for your people to share their knowledge with other areas of the company.

If you’re a leader of a remote team, you have connections that your people may not be able to access without your help.

Help them. They might just make you look good in the process.


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