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Linked – Adam Grant’s 7 Commandments for Successful Hybrid Work

Adam and his guests, Stanford economist Nick Bloom and Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley, lay out seven, and I think they can be boiled down to some of the things we’ve talked about here. Be intentional about everything, give people a number of tools to communicate in a number of ways, and use them all to over-communicate so that nothing is missed. Also, as things change, adjust accordingly.

They focus on hybrid work, I think these commandments should be applied in every situation. I don’t care if you all work in the office full-time, remotely across the country full-time, or any combination in between.

Intention, communication, setting expectations, and living the example will go a long way with your team. There’s no reason to not follow these commandments for working as a team, regardless of location. This is a great outline for how to set the rules of engagement, provide the proper tools and solid communication, and continually measure the effectiveness of what you’re doing.

How does your team measure up to the experts?

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