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Linked – Surveyed drivers prefer low-tech cars over data-sharing ones

I think this is difficult for the average person to navigate.

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by Kaspersky in November and published this week, 72 percent of drivers are uncomfortable with automakers sharing their data with advertisers, insurance companies, subscription services, and other third-party outfits. Specifically, 37.3 percent of those polled are “very uncomfortable” with this data sharing, and 34.5 percent are “somewhat uncomfortable.”

However, only 28 percent of the total respondents say they have any idea what kind of data their car is collecting. Spoiler alert: It’s potentially all the data.

It’s nearly impossible to know how much data is being collected. The obvious answer is to assume everything you do is being tracked somewhere. Online, you bet. In an internet-connected vehicle? Clearly. In a public space that has any surveillance? Probably.

We’ve gotten used to that. In some cases, we might even take advantage of it. Who doesn’t love some solid Amazon recommendations, or when your car knows your cell phone, remembers our favorite spots in the navigation tool?

But did we sign up for our car to be sending that information about our favorite places to advertisers and insurance companies? I’m betting not. It’s a little icky to know that these companies will know where you’ve been and how you got there.

No, it’s a lot icky. But how would you know they were doing it? This is the challenge. I don’t recall seeing anything in my car manual about who they’d share my data with when I drove off the lot. It might be buried in some emails that I’ve gotten since then, but that isn’t something people are likely to read through.

What should we do if the government doesn’t create serious privacy regulations? Who is to stop every device manufacturer from doing the same thing?

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