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It’s Time to Follow a Next-Generation E-Discovery Playbook New Study Shows that Misinformation Sees Significantly More Engagement than Real News on Facebook  We are the point of failure. Law’s Looming Skills Crisis How Executives Like Me Can Revolutionize Workplace Mental … Read More

What I’m Sharing (weekly)

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And Now The Prime Minister Of Canada Is Threatening To Fine Social Media Companies Over ‘Fake News’ “”Fake news” tends to be whatever top government officials declare it is.” What advice do you wish you’d gotten when you graduated from … Read More

Linked: Is Your Job Hazardous To Your Mental Health? Grade How Your Workplace Stacks Up On Mental Wellness

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Are you prepared to have over half of your employees leave? “A survey by Mental Health America polled the attitudes of 17,000 employees across 19 U.S. industries. They found that 70% of the current workforce is searching for other jobs, … Read More

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