Linked: Offboarding tips will prevent employee data theft when people leave the company

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Now, I’ve left a few jobs over the years, including some that were remote, which I think is a new challenge for a lot of places right now. Most of the time, the departing employee is not exactly top of mind for the organization. You’ve got work to do, and they are no longer part of the plan. I get that, but somebody probably wants to at least pay attention to what the employee is doing on the way out. … Read More

Linked – Former Google In-House Discovery Leader Says It’s Important to Invest in People Before Tech

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You know, we could ask the same question at many corporate law departments, and also at law firms. “When I came to Google my hypothesis was, what would happen if you really invested in the people?” she said. “And then … Read More

Linked – Why companies need to implement a ‘zero trust’ approach to their cybersecurity model

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This is not as easy as he makes it sound: And then lastly is learning from all these three elements – the user, the device, the least privilege, and adapting your policies. So it’s a constant learning and adapting, changing … Read More

Litigation Support In a Law Firm – Vendors Are Coming for Your Job

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Hidden away in a recently seen blog post about moving to the cloud on Cicayda’s website this week was this little nugget: There is absolutely no reason to keep hiring internal staff for litigation support when we have the team … Read More

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