Linked – Former Google In-House Discovery Leader Says It’s Important to Invest in People Before Tech

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You know, we could ask the same question at many corporate law departments, and also at law firms.

“When I came to my hypothesis was, what would happen if you really invested in the people?” she said. “And then I went out and found those people.”

Often, is an offshoot of something else. The technology falls under an IT department, the legal side of it falls to a handful of litigation attorneys, but most of the people working with it are doing it out of necessity, not because they love it. It’s tough to really get a lot of dedication when your eDiscovery team is a information person, an IT network engineer/ expert, and a younger lawyer who seems like they’d be “good with techie stuff”. Sure, sometimes you get people who were in those roles and want to be passionate about eDiscovery, and that’s great. Often though, it’s just a role they play a small part of the time. For many organizations, that’s exactly who is involved. Not people who really want to dedicate themselves to as much as possible and finding better solutions.

That’s how you get right, for organizations, governmental agencies, or law firms.

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