IT and Productivity

Thinking Faster has some thoughts on why technology doesn’t make business as productive as it should be. Some snippets (But read the whole thing!): “I have been in the bowels of the beast, and I think I can say fairly definitively that very few people receive the information they need from the systems they have….

IT and the free lunch

I know I promised you all over the weekend that I’d have more to say about some of the topics that came up in the Tech Chat over the weekend, but, obviously, this week has not gone as planned. So, here’s my attempt at making amends. First off, let me point out something about myself….

Sign of the times

While we were out running around last night, one of the stops we made was to browse around at Half-Price Books. (One of my favorite places!) As I was walking past the software section I noticed a little sign telling customers that they would be glad to buy and resell various games or children’s software…

Nationwide wireless, and how to measure?

This New York Times article (registration required) talks about the plans of the bigco’s to look at rolling out a nationwide network for WiFi access. Sounds like an interesting idea, but are there enough people ready and willing to pay for WiFi to make it profitable? While I think people should want it, I’m not…