Radio 7.1 is due to ship in January

I have to admit, the blog is a bit uninspired today. I’m in a fowl mood, and I feel like I may be coming down with the flu or something. That sort of kills any motivation I have to do any work, let alone post to the blog during the day. Leave it to me to get sick just in time for the weekend. *L*

Anyway, Radio 7.1 is due to ship in January. They’re taking it commercial, because, according to Dave:

Bottom-line: A lot of people are ready to run a Web server on their desktop.

I don’t think that’s true. I think quite a few people wish they could but lack either the technical know-how, or the time and resources to pull off having a web server on their desktop. It sounds like 7.1 will be a fairly nice Content Management System, I’m just not sold that the typical web-user is ready to put down cash for a CMS. A few die-hards probably are, and probably already have Manila, or Frontier, but most of the users are not.

Maybe I’m wrong, for Dave, and Scoble’s sakes, I hope I am and that they are very successful with Userland, they’re good people.

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