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Time for a special announcement, something I’ve been pondering for quite some time now. When I first started doing this site, and paying for hosting last year, I thought I would create Amazon Associate links and the CafePress store, and maybe, just maybe, some folks would make some purchases and help take care of some of the hosting costs. I’ve never made a big issue of it, and never really expected to get much out of it.

Now, however, as I venture into spinning off a new section of the site dedicated to dealing with child abuse and providing resources to help those survivors and others who are looking for support, information, etc. I want to use those things for something more. My first thought was to promote that anything above and beyond the cost of hosting would go to charity. However, I soon realized that I don’t really ever expect to get enough money to fully pay for hosting, so that really wouldn’t mean anything. So I’ve decided to do something else. From now on, any affiliate checks I manage to get from those links will be equally divided. Half will go to pay for hosting, half will go to Prevent Child Abuse America (It’ll move to 100% of all proceeds once the hosting is paid for, if that happens.)

I realize that the child abuse stuff on the site is not even close to being ready for public consumption, but I wanted to announce this now, in time for Xmas, so that if you’re interested in donating to a charity that is obviously close to my heart, you could use my affiliate links to do your shopping.

So, in the spirit of the season, I hope you’ll consider coming here before you go to do all your Amazon Xmas shopping, creating your own Cafepress store through my referral links, or that you’ll help by speading the word in your blog circles, and maybe we can make a large difference in a child’s life with our small contributions.

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