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I got an email from the VMware Fusion team today, letting me know about their “My Switch to VMWare Fusion” contest. All you folks who’ve been looking for a reason to use the video tools on your Mac, well how’s about a chance to win an Air? (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with VMWare, I just really like using Fusion on my Macbook!)

My Switch to VMware Fusion

The VMware Fusion team is proud to announce a new video contest, entitled ?My Switch to VMware Fusion?:

As part of our new campaign ( encouraging Mac users to switch to VMware Fusion for Windows on Mac, we are kicking off a video contest wherein users who have already switched to Fusion pull together a 60 second video on why they switched to VMware Fusion to run Windows on their Mac, and post it on the web. 

There?s no better spokesperson than happy, delighted customers, which is why we see this customer validation as central to our campaign.  Marketers can say all kinds of things (trust me, I know), but unvarnished peer references really count.

The great thing about the Mac, is that it has all the tools to make a great video documenting a ?Switch to Fusion? from iMovie, to the iSight, and so on.  The VMware Fusion team has pulled together all the necessary resources in an easy ?how-to? tips and tricks document on the video contest page.

When they?re done, all participants have to do is submit their finished work via the online form on the ?Switch to Fusion? video contest page.  We?ll be blogging them as they come in:

T-Shirts for All!  And a MacBook Air for one!

In thanks, every single participant will get a VMware Fusion team t-shirt exactly like the team had at Macworld, and a ?My Mac Loves VMware? bumper sticker.  All they have to do is submit their work on the video contest page!

What?s more, one lucky videographer whose video best demonstrates why it was important to switch, why Windows on the Mac is important, and does it with the highest production value, will walk away with a fully tricked out MacBook Air, complete with VMware Fusion and a copy of Windows!

Blogs too!

Not into video?  That?s ok.  Users who simply blog about their ?Switch to VMware Fusion? will get a ?My Mac Loves VMware? bumper sticker, and the best story of a Switch to Fusion will get a shiny new iPod touch.  Can?t run Windows on it, but it?s still cool!

Why This; Why Now?:

A perfect storm of events has come together to make now the perfect time to Switch to Fusion, and there?s no better spokesperson for this message than our fabulous users who have already made the switch.

  1. The Market Has Spoken: The software had been garnering critical acclaim in the market, from bloggers, to review sites, and more.  We?ve pulled all this information together on the ?Switch to Fusion? minisite: .  The upshot is: we?ve been on the market for a little over seven months, and consensus is that VMware Fusion is a fast, stable, and powerful way to run Windows on your Mac, and like your Mac, ?just works.?
    Thousands of users
    have already switched to VMware Fusion, and there?s no more credible source of advice than a peer.  That?s why we want to encourage our awesome user base to share their experience more broadly!
  2. Switching Tools: VMware Importer for importing Parallels and Virtual PC-based VMs is available as a free download.  Just drag and drop your current Parallels or Virtual PC VM onto the utility, and it will create a new VM that is a perfect copy of your old one, ready to run on VMware Fusion.
  3. Competitive Rebate: Users in the US and Canada who buy VMware Fusion, and submit proof of ownership of Parallels or Virtual PC can get a $30 rebate, bringing the cost of VMware Fusion down to $50?the typical price of an upgrade!
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