OK, so obviously there are way too many microblogging services out there to keep track of (Twitter, Pownce, Identi.CA, etc.), and there are far too many social networking tools with status updates, to keep track of. I don’t even try anymore to keep up with everyone everywhere. One thing that did catch my eye this weekend, however, was

While it won’t help you keep track of all your friends over all their many services, (Friendfeed is actually getting fairly close to useful for that for me), it will allow you to post to all the various services that you have accounts on, thus freeing your friends to follow you on their service of choice.

Who knows, maybe someone will finally get all this stuff figured out and we’ll be able to follow each other without having to resort to all out microblogging tool warfare? Maybe…

By the way, if you need the beta code for, drop me an email.

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