Guess I Should Thank Google Plus

I’ve been critical of Google Plus, but after seeing how Facebook is stepping up their game, making friends lists easier, and letting people subscribe to things I make public on my profile without having to be confirmed friends with me, I think maybe I should thank Google for pushing the limits and giving FB some competition.

This does go to show that competition brings out the best in services, and encourages innovation, which is good for everyone, no matter which service you use most.

Personally, I’ve always used friend lists, so that feature is nice, but not earth-shattering. The subscription feature is also interesting, though I wonder if I make my blog posts public on Facebook as they get pulled in to my Facebook profile through RSS Graffiti, is there any point to having a fan page for it any more?

Yes, for the child abuse site, where they don’t get pulled into my personal profile, the fan page is still the best option, but maybe there’s no point in having one for a site who’s feed gets pulled into a personal profile. What do you think?

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