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I actually found much to agree with in this post about job interviews today, who’s main point is

The most important thing you must do in every interview is to ask great questions.

The author pointed out how it’s difficult to come across as really interested and engaged when you don’t ask questions, which hurts you in a job interview. That is true, but it hurts you in other ways as well. The questions you ask, and the answers you receive, open a door on the job you are looking at that would otherwise stay closed until well after you’ve taken it. It’s a proven fact that most people leave their boss more than they leave a job. Here you are, sitting across the table from that person, and you pass on the opportunity to pick their brain a little, to see how they respond to questions like what they see as the ideal candidate, what they like about the company, what they think about their team, how they measure success, whether the previous person left, or was promoted, etc.

Do you really think the answers to those questions won’t give you at least a little insight into whether you actually want to work for this person? Of course they will, but we are still so stuck in thinking we are being tested when in an interview (granted, we are), and that we can’t test the company and the manager right back. (we can)

As much as you need to impress to land that job, they should be trying to impress you.. And if they’re not, that’s a sign too. Not making every effort to find the best candidates and attract them to their team is a sign that the hiring manager doesn’t understand how important hiring is. You have to consider what it will be like to work for this person if they don’t want to find great employees.

Of course, even if you ask the questions, there are no guarantees. People stretch the truth in job interviews, on both sides. But at least if you asked, you will know what you were told during the hiring phase, and what you see on an everyday basis, which might be another sign if they are drastically different. A sign that you shouldn’t stay too long.


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