Good Reason to Use Travel Apps

Times Square Morning
I have to be honest, I use travel apps, as you would imagine for someone who travels as much as I do, but I hadn’t considered that using apps instead of maps and guidebooks would make it harder for criminals to mark you as a gullible tourist.

When I first went to Rome a few years ago I had a bulky guide book but felt like I had an X on my back with pickpockets, especially around Trevi Fountain. After that experience, I went digital,

Good point, especially in Rome! 😉

For myself, I use Tripit all the time, Around Me, combined with Yelp when I want to find a nearby place to eat, and of course, the apps for my airline and hotel chain of choice. (Gotta track those points!). For sightseeing, there’s always the City Maps to Go app.

So what are your favorite travel apps?

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