Linked – Employee Engagement Isn’t Getting Better And Gallup Shares The Surprising Reasons Why

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“Engagement Largely Comes Down To Whether People Have A Manager Who Cares About Them, Grows Them And Appreciates Them” When we wonder why we’re seeing so much more job-hopping, and disengaged employees, this is clearly the biggest reason. Employees recognize … Read More

Linked – Most Firms Are More Concerned About Security Threats Than They Were Just Two Years Ago:

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“77% of firms are more concerned about security threats than they were just two years ago: In addition, the majority of respondents to the survey indicated that their security concerns have increased over the past year, with none indicating a … Read More

Linked – FTI – managing social media and audio along with emails and the rest

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“The short video which was the trigger for this thought is about Ringtail’s ability to manage social media. It takes as an example a Facebook post with a photograph, Comments, Likes etc, and shows how this kind of data can … Read More

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