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Linked – FTI – managing social media and audio along with emails and the rest

“The short video which was the trigger for this thought is about Ringtail’s ability to manage social media. It takes as an example a Facebook post with a photograph, Comments, Likes etc, and shows how this kind of data can be assimilated into Ringtail, viewed and tagged like any other, and appear in search results,…


Linked – How to Retain Your Best Employees

“Be Clear in Your Communication: You always have to be transparent when communicating with your employees. Even if the news are bad, you should still clearly talk with your employees and explain them what is going on within the company. Create time to listen to your employees’ concerns and do your best to solve them….


Linked – Two in a thousand people ‘view child sexual abuse images at work’

“NetClean’s founder and CEO Christian Berg said that more effort should go into identifying paedophiles within the workplace because as many as two people in a thousand use work computers to view child sexual abuse material.“While it may appear strange for people to do this at work, many people actually find their work computer to…