Linked – Two in a thousand people ‘view child sexual abuse images at work’

Image by perspec_photo88
Image by perspec_photo88

“NetClean’s founder and CEO Christian Berg said that more effort should go into identifying paedophiles within the workplace because as many as two people in a thousand use work computers to view child sexual abuse material.“While it may appear strange for people to do this at work, many people actually find their work computer to be the only truly private computer they own,” Berg said. “It is not shared with their spouses or children, it is often a laptop and they are the only person who uses it. Paradoxically, this makes them feel more secure to use it, even if it’s for viewing illicit content.”

Last year the company published research which claimed that one in five corporate networks has been used to download child pornography. It interviewed 141 IT professionals at a conference and found that in only 3.5 percent of cases did the discovery lead to a criminal investigation, and in 69 percent of cases nothing was done. “

This is shocking, and the worst thing about it is that it shows how little organizations around the world pay no attention to network security. If there are people using your network, and your technology to download child abuse images, and you have no idea, how many people have hacked into your network and taken your data that you don’t know about?

Seriously, just stop it. Do something. There’s no excuse for not knowing what it happening over your own corporate network.

Two in a thousand people ‘view child sexual abuse images at work’

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