Linked – Putin’s Internet Trolls Are Stoking The Vitriolic Fire By Posing As Trump Supporters

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“What he uncovered was a global, not-at-all subtle disinformation network of well-constructed hoaxes, heavily-produced YouTube videos, fake Wikipedia entries, and tens of thousands of bogus social media accounts — many of which were designed to pollute the global discourse pool here in the States. The report went so far as to highlight one disinformation effort where Putin-paid trolls posed as Americans online, directing users to a fully-realized museum in Chelsea, Manhattan professing to show the “other side” of the Ukranian conflict (you say invasion, I say tomahto). “

It’s bad enough that our own friends seem to post stories from fake news outlets that are put up as jokes, what about “news” that is planted and shared by people who really want to do us harm?

Be skeptical.

https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20160726/10104635073/putins-internet-trolls-are-stoking-vitriolic-fire-posing-as-trump-supporters.shtml I

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