Travel Tip – Where’s My Coffee in Australia?

When visiting Australia and hitting a coffee location like the hotel lobby,you may be presented with a menu like the one below:

2016-08-09 09.00.10

Now, if you’re like me, you may be wondering, how do I just get a cup of coffee? Well, that would be a Long Black. Although I do have to say Aussies do seem to not understand the concept of drinking coffee black. It’s not great coffee but it will serve as a caffeine fix.

Also, if you see a Fish and Chips shop advertising Flake fish, do not be confused, like I was on my first couple of trips. I tend to stay away from Fish and Chips shops in the UK because it’s a lot of Cod, and I’m not a big fan. In Sydney the first time I saw Flake fish, I had no idea what that even meant. So I avoided it to. It wasn’t until a later trip to Melbourne that someone told me that Flake is really Shark. Back in the day people were queasy about eating shark, so they came up with this nice sounding name for it. Done correctly, shark is delish. Done poorly, it’s disgusting. I can’t speak for every Fish and Chip shop, but on this trip, I went ahead and got the Flake, and it was good.

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