Linked – Chrome’s December update will be less of a memory hog

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“Google has spent a while reducing Chrome’s sometimes notorious demands on your system, but it knows that its web browser still needs some work. Accordingly, the upcoming Chrome 55 will include an upgraded JavaScript engine that significantly reduces the memory footprint. Given that many modern websites thrive on JavaScript, this should lead to some dramatic improvements — Google says its test sites (including the New York Times, Reddit and YouTube) used 50 percent less RAM on average than Chrome 53.”

I’m looking forward to this. I really like Chrome, but in certain situations it’s kind of a killer. Notably, on a laptop using battery power, or when I’m trying to get some serious work done with Nuix, or Lightroom, other applications that require a lot of resources. I usually have to work around Chrome is those situations, so I’m hoping I can stop that after December!


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