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Linked – It’s Now a Crime to Fly With a Note 7, So Please Return Them

If you plan to fly, you’ll have to leave your Note 7 at home. The FAA now states that passengers may not carry the phone “on their person, in carry-on baggage, in checked baggage, or as cargo.” If you manage to get it on a plane, you’ll be forced to power it down immediately. If the airline finds you have a Note 7 before you get on the plane, they may deny boarding you at all.

On recent flights I have heard many announcements about the Note 7, and that it’s basically illegal to turn them on, or connect them to power. Apparently, the FAA is now going one step further, and saying you can’t bring them on an airplane at all.

Yup, probably time to get a different phone if you own one.


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