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Next Week I’ll be #BatonRougeBound

Consider this an FYI announcement that next week, I’ll be driving, and driving, and driving, to the next stop in the adventure, Baton Rouge, La. So while I have some things scheduled for my various blogs during the week, I may not be able to respond to comments or anything quickly. Law Enforcement frowns on responding to Facebook comments and Tweets while driving. They’re so old-fashioned that way. (Just kidding, seriously, do not drive and play with your phone, ever!!!)

Naturally, since I’m married to a social media nerd, there was much discussion about the appropriate hashtag to use when documenting this trip. Like, really, we spent more than a few minutes tossing around ideas, throwing out some because they used too many characters, others because they could be misconstrued, etc. This is what passes for intellectual conversation at our house, don’t judge.

Anyway, if you want to keep up with not only the trip, but also my attempts to settle into a new workplace, search for a new home, and adjust to Louisiana culture on my own for a couple of months, I’ll be using #BatonRougeBound on my various social media accounts. Mostly, you’ll find me sharing stuff on Instagram (mikemac29), Snapchat (mcbride.mike), and maybe I’ll even delve into some Facebook Live Video or try out the new stories feature in Messenger when I pull over at some various points of interest, or places too bizarre to not share. Feel free to follow along! I’m sure I’ll eventually even be posting some photos to the photo blog from this trip too, but like always, that blog tends to lag behind real time. I’m still sharing stuff from trips late last year and earlier in 2017 over there. 😉

And then, when the time comes, Angela will be using the hashtag as well, sharing her own adventure of finishing up packing in Oregon and then her own road trip down south.

I’m looking forward to these next few weeks with a mix of excitement and trepidation. I know this is where we want to be, but there’s a lot to get done to make it happen!

Talk to y’all from the road!



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