Linked – Why Amazon’s New Social Media Site Should Not Be Ignored

I suppose this was inevitable, but does the world really need a social network for shopping?

“Amazon Spark has one big advantage over Instagram. That’s because its e-commerce component is integrated directly into the social feed.

Instagram can’t compete with that.

In fact, Spark users can shop on Amazon without even leaving the social site.”

Once upon a time, brick and mortar stores stumbled on to something about humans. The longer you can keep them in the store, the more you can sell stuff to them. Thus, the rise of shopping malls as destinations unto themselves, and big box stores that simply require a lot of time to get through, etc. Amazon is taking that same theory online. If people are going to be using their smartphones to interact with each other, why not have them do that in a place where you can sell them stuff directly? Brilliant!

Well, brilliant until it become too crass, too commercial, too obvious. For me, this crosses way over that line. It won’t for everyone though. I’m sure Amazon is counting on that.


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