Linked – Maybe Your Sleep Problem Isn’t a Problem

Finally, someone else is writing about this ridiculous notion:

“Yes, I get it. I have heard this all my life: Society likes morning people. Loves them, actually. Early risers tend to be more punctual, get better grades in school and climb up the corporate ladder. These so-called larks are celebrated as the high achievers, the apple polishers, the C.E.O.s.

It’s basically the idea that Ben Franklin touted more than 250 years ago — “early to bed, early to rise” — with everyone else cast as lazy or self-indulgent.

But what if they are wrong? What if night owls are actually the unsung geniuses? What if we are the ultimate disrupters and rule changers, the ones who are better suited to a modern, postindustrial society ruled by late-night coders, digital nomads, freelance moguls and co-working entrepreneurs?”

It’s true. Some people are genetically designed to have a circadian rhythm that does not jive with society’s norms, and we are judged more harshly for it, expected to adjust to it, and probably perform worse than if we were allowed to simply keep a different schedule. Thus, the reason why we live shorter lives that are more likely to be filled with depression, and anti-social tendencies.

As the future workplace morphs into a more flexible arrangement in terms of both location, and time, I hope we come to a much better understanding of this.

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