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Linked: Actually, Now Is A Great Time For Networking If You Do It Right

You know what, I hadn’t thought about this, but it is true. How differently we view a request for a call or quick online chat than we did just a few months ago?

“If you think now is a bad time to network it’s because you think networking is about events. It’s not. It’s about connection and conversation. And so, while now is a terrible time for events, it’s a great time for connection and conversation. All the more so because you can more easily expand your geographic reach. Asking for a Zoom call or even a phone call would have seemed awkward with some folks just a few months ago. Now it’s just how we do things. Which instantly expands the pool of potential connections. “

Last week, someone I’ve been connected with for a few years, but hadn’t spent a ton of time talking to, reached out to ask if she could pick my brain about working in training and consulting. We scheduled a time to chat, hopefully she learned something or got some insight from me, and I really enjoyed the chance to interact. Three or four months ago, it would have been weird, partially because she probably would have been in her office, and having this conversation would have been awkward, and partially because, well, no one was really doing Teams/Zoom/Hangout meetings all of the time any way.

This really is a good time to reach out to chat with someone who maybe has some expertise you’ve been meaning to ask about, or even just to catch up with former coworkers or people you haven’t kept up with as well as you’d like.

So, if you want to chat about what I do, or have done in the past, about blogging, or mental health/child abuse, or anything else you’ve always wanted to ask me about, feel free. Let’s set up some time to do that. Surely, even though many of us are busy with work, we can find a time to chat. Let’s do it now before you’re back working in a cubicle and unable to have privacy during the day. (Or we can find time after hours too)


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