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Linked – Seven out of ten people do not want robots drafting their Wills, survey finds

This seems like a pretty massive disconnect doesn’t it?

“However, although the VWV study signalled the public’s lack of trust for the technology, almost all of the London law firms are thought to be planning to use AI in their practices. “

AI is coming, and law firms, their clients, and just about every other industry out there is going to be embracing some form of Artificial Intelligence because of the cost savings and efficiency gains. There’s simply no competing with it on those fronts.

But, much like autonomous vehicles, the public may not trust the technology right now. I suspect, though, as it becomes more and more prevalent, and other options become less and less available, the public will turn around on the idea.

Well, except for those folks who still refuse to use ATM and self-checkouts. Remember when no one trusted them either? Yeah, that aged well.

This will look a lot like that in a few years. If you want a will you can go to the self-service robot checkout and have a will quickly, or you can set an appointment with the one lawyer who still does that himself 3 months from now.

OK that might be an exaggeration, but you get the idea. The robot will get you your will today. The human will not, and eventually that convenience will outweigh the uneasy feeling we have about a will created by a robot.

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