Linked – Google Plus Demise Could Put Data on Legal Hold in Jeopardy

I hadn’t thought of this but it really does set a hard deadline for preserving data, doesn’t it?

“The move puts a bit of a clock on attorneys and e-discovery professionals looking to salvage data from the platform that could be relevant to future litigation. Indeed, the impending closure illustrates just exactly how tricky taking responsibility for communications made on a third-party platform can be. And as a new generation of young, social media savvy employees continues to move up the ranks, companies and their lawyers may find themselves having to devote more time and resources to successfully identifying and locating every pertinent scrap of data before the ground shrinks beneath their feet.”

That last bit is something to think about. Third party services, like social networks, or cloud storage providers, etc. could come and go. When one of them does go away, what happens if there’s data up there subject to a hold that hasn’t been collected yet?

Hopefully attorneys are on top of this if that is the case.


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