Linked: Brave browser and Internet Archive team up to revive dead pages

This is actually pretty cool.

“The web browser, Brave, now has a feature that revives dead web pages with the help of Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine which stores snapshots of billions of web pages. As time goes on, more and more pages go offline and can cause a bit of a headache for those who need access such as people doing research that are digging into source materials. With Brave 1.4, users will be offered the option to be routed to Wayback Machine’s archived page if the original fails to load.”

As you might imagine, after 18 plus years of blogging, there are quite a few links from here that lead to pages that don’t exist any longer. Some of them might be available in the Internet Archive, some may not be, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check really quickly?

Not to mention the security and privacy features that already exist in Brave. It might be worth checking out if you haven’t before.


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