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Linked: Facebook releases Quiet Mode so you can take a break from social media

This is interesting, and kind of goes against their own interests, so I’m suspicious, but I also think turning off FB notifications for a set time might be a good idea.

“To access Quiet Mode, you go to your settings menu on Facebook and click Your Time on Facebook. Then you go to Manage your time, where you can schedule Quiet Mode for a certain amount of time or use it immediately. If you try to access the app, it’ll display how much time is left before your break ends, but the tool also gives you the option to use Facebook for 15 minutes. The social network is rolling out Quiet Mode globally, but it’s currently available only on the iPhone. Facebook is also working on an Android version that’s scheduled to be released in May.”

Personally, if I need that kind of focus, I need all of my phone notifications to be turned off, so I’m not likely to do this on an app by app basis. But, if you want to create some boundaries around Facebook, this could help, right?


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