Linked: A conversation with an iTunes card scammer

This is an interesting post, first because I’m surprised the iTunes gift card scam is still happening, and people are still falling for it, but secondly because I think the conversation is educational.

Notice all of the weird excuses for why they can’t do it themselves, why they are unreachable by phone, the avoidance of any personal questions, the single-minded focus on the gift cards, etc. All dead giveaways that this is not the person they claim to be. And yet, our natural instinct to be helpful catches us up here, especially when it’s someone higher up in our work organization or some other person we’d normally want to go out of our way for.

On the other hand, you still need to pause and ask yourself, why would they be asking me to get gift card PIN numbers when it is so easy to do themselves? Stop and ask yourself that question any time someone is asking you for money or other information. Why is this person contacting me, and does that really make sense?

It’s likely that it doesn’t make sense, and if that is the case, don’t give them anything until it does make sense.

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